About Us

     The Mid-Coast Veteran's Council (MCVC) is a non-profit organization established by local Veteran's to help local Veteran's, ampoule whether active duty, National Guard or reserve soldiers, who have served under honorable conditions, and their families. Our goal is to facilitate the connection of veterans with local, state and national programs that can provide them with any assistance needed.

     The Mid-Coast Veteran's Council was established on March 17, 2012 and incorporated as a Domestic Nonprofit Organization in the state of Maine on April 25, 2012.  The Council consists of representatives from all Veteran Service Organization (VSOs) in the Mid-Coast region of Maine.  Our objective is to work in cooperation with all VSOs to provide a single place where Veterans can get information on state and national programs, or meet with an advisor to enroll in a program.  Currently there is no state or nation Veteran's facilities with offices in the Mid-Coast region.  We will also provide a location where Veterans Groups can hold meeting, conduct fund raising events, provide counseling mental health care, skills training, and employment services.

     Veterans will often not ask for help but rather try to make do with what they have.  MCVC will be creating a welcoming and safe environment that is staffed by volunteers that are also members of local Veteran Service Organizations.  Our goal is to ensure that All VETERANS in the Mid-Coast Region and their families receive all entitlements due, are helped with financial hardships and are given every opportunity for self-improvement through higher education.

Due to the closure of the Brunswick Naval Air Station, the Mid-Coast region of Maine no longer has offices for many of the organization that have programs designated for Veterans.  MCVC will work with all organization, military and civilians, to enable the veteran's information and access to all programs which may help them.  Priority Real Estate Group's donation of the space at Brunswick Landing will allow us to achieve the success we nee for all veterans in the Mid-Coast are.


Our vision is to work in cooperation with VSO’s in the Maine’s Mid-Coast Region and state wide to promote veteran activities and facilitate enrollment in state and national programs; thereby helping each veteran and their family to a healthy, prosperous life here in Maine.

Mission Statement

The resource center will enhance veterans’ abilities to support and care for themselves and their families by providing a welcoming and safe environment; provide assistance obtaining benefits, services and resources to meet their needs; and support their reintegration into the community.


Office => (207) 406-4103



62 Pegasus St. Suite 101, Brunswick, ME 04011