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Trusted Professionals

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you walk through all sorts solutions for Military and Veterans, Families of Military and Veterans with Financial, Jobs, Home and Veterans Administration difficulties better than anyone.  For more than 20 years, we have helped countless Veterans navigate the waters of the problems that they are faced with success. 

We are the helpful hand for the Military and Veterans in the Mid-Coast and the Surrounding area. We have the knowledge and the solution for almost every situation.

Vietnam Veterans

This era of Veterans needs our help and assistance. We can help you navigate the waters of the VA troublesome paperwork get you the help you deserve.

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Financial Problems

When getting a new car because the current car broke down and need help, call us. Having problems with food or a phone bill, call us. We might have the solution.

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Homeless or about to be

When we its even down to the last wire and can’t find a solution to make it and the bank is knocking on the door, we can find a solution and might be able to keep you in the home.

Honest Reviews

Very knowledge of programs and assistance in paperwork has been a huge advantage to me in getting help.

I was in trouble and no where to turn and they helped with an assistance program I didn’t know was out there. I now feel like a valuable person